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Tri-Ball is a new and unique billiard game designed and engineered to allow three competitors to participate and enjoy a game of billiards based on standard 8 Ball at the same time.  Tri-Ball has three different colour/design billiard balls housed within a specially designed hexagon rack.  This rack allows 3 x 6 sets of balls with the black or other designated singular colour/livery to be perfectly centred within this configuration. This will be known forthwith as “the Unique Tri-Ball”. The Tri-Ball Hexagon Rack contains 19 billiard balls in total

The Rules of Play

Rules are in accordance with and are an adaptation of the World Pool-Billiard Association Version 21.12.2007. Also supported by The Billiard Congress of America. Tri-Ball Pty Ltd parent company 1965 Innovations Ltd is a member of the B.C.A.

  1. Tri-Ball is played with 19 billiard balls and the cue ball. The cue ball is to be distinctive and have stand-alone livery from all other balls. A good example of this is the Aramith “red dot” cue ball. The shooter’s group of 6 balls must be off the table before he or she attempts to pocket the Unique Tri-Ball to win. While the winning player rejoices in his or her victory the 2 remaining competitors have the option and ability to play off for second place. In a “netted” table the Unique Tri-Ball can be retrieved, if a coin operated table is the vehicle of the day, play can continue utilizing the prime colours only.
  2. Determining first break. The following procedure should determine which player breaks and who consequently becomes 2nd and 3rd. A blind draw of 3 tiles numbered 1, 2 and 3 is suggested. Choice of colour/livery of the set of six balls should be left to the preference of the participating players.
  3. Tri-Ball Rack. The 19 object balls are racked as tightly as possible in a hexagon configuration with the apex ball on the foot spot and the Unique Tri-Ball perfectly centred. (See accompanying diagram)
  4. Break Shot. The following rules apply to the break shot:
  • The cue ball begins in hand behind the head string.
  • If the breaker pockets a ball(s) from his or hers chosen set that player continues at the table. If said player pots another player’s ball it is determined a foul shot and he or she misses round. Same as the “2 shots” terminology.
  • Pocketing the Unique Tri-Ball on a legal break is not a foul. If the Unique Tri-Ball is pocketed the breaker has the option of
  • re-spotting the Unique Tri-Ball and accepting the balls in position, or
  • re-breaking.
  • If the breaker scratches the cue ball he or she must miss a round. The following player has the option of
  • re-spotting the Unique Tri-Ball and shooting with cue ball in hand behind the head string, or
  • re-breaking.
  • If any object ball is driven off the table on a break shot, it is a foul and he or she must miss a round.
  • If the breaker fouls in any manner not listed above he or she must miss a round in accordance with W.P-B.A. accepted rules Version 21.12.2007.
  1. Continuing Play. The shooter remains at the table as long as he or

she continues to legally pocket balls from chosen set or until all are pocketed culminating in pocketing of the Unique Tri-Ball. Then as previously stated a play-off for second place can take place.

  1. Spotting Balls. Tri-Ball rules allow for the spotting of object balls. Offending player however must miss a round.
  2. Losing the Rack. The shooter loses if he or she,
  • Fouls when pocketing the Unique Tri-Ball;
  • Pockets the Unique Tri-Ball before his group is cleared;
  • Drives the Unique Tri-Ball off the table.
  1. Standard Fouls. If the shooter commits a foul, play passes to his or her opponents. The following are standard fouls at traditional 8 ball:
  • Cue ball scratch or off the table.
  • Wrong ball first; the first ball contacted by the cue ball on each shot must belong to the shooter’s group.
  • No foot on the floor.
  • Ball driven off table.
  • Touched ball.
  • Double hit/frozen balls.
  • Push shot.
  • Balls still moving.
  • Cue stick on the table.
  • Playing out of turn-needs special attention with 3 players!
  • Slow Play. (Need to confirm specific time allowed here.)

Spirit of Play. Tri-Ball must be a fun and fascinating experience for players of all ages, skill levels and genders. Please enjoy this new experience playing our beloved sport.

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