At Swiftflyte, we offer a range of maintenance services to help keep your products in top condition.


Over time, points will start to become blunt, and burrs will form on the surface. Not only will this produce more bounce outs as the dart struggles to enter the board, but it also causes damage to the dartboard.

$12 for a set of 3 – please note this price will increase if you use specialised points.

If your point is too short or has snapped off at the barrel, please leave your darts in store for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow our solution to dissolve the remaining point

$18 for a set of 3 – even though only one dart may be affected, we recommend re-pointing all three darts on completion to have a matched set.


When the tip of a pool cue becomes thin and worn down, you should replace it to maintain your play.

Starting from $22.50 per cue depending on tip selection


When your felt is worn and your rubbers lose their bounce (your ball should roll 3 1/2 times up and down the table) it is time to re-cloth and re-rubber your table.

Costs below include material and labor … plus we’ll come to you!


$889 for 7′ Table

$914 for 7′ Coin Operated Table

$1019 for 8′ Table

$1319 for 9′ Table

TBA for 12′ Table


$339 for 7′ Table

$409 for 8′ Table

$589 for 9′ Table

TBA for 12′ Table