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In 1992, Shot Darts designed the bladed bristle dartboard – the professional Bandit Board – at their factory in Katikati, New Zealand. Today that board remains a firm fixture in games rooms and tournament venues worldwide

The Bandit owes its cult following to the world’s finest bristle dartboard technology. Its unique, staple-free white razor-blade wires are more than 50% finer than a standard dartboard, so more darts hit their mark rather than bouncing out

Premium African conditioned self-healing sisal bristles are packed to optimal depth and density for outstanding durability and infused with quality eco-inks for low glare, colour-fast surface with great visibility

The Bandit full size 18″ x 1.5″ dartboard meets World Dart Federation specs, so you’re always up for the competition

Bandit boards are easy to install, with Shot’s own innovative one-component bracket system in heavy-duty nylon. This also makes it stronger and more stable than conventional steel dartboard mounting brackets. Its unique interlocking design and smooth plastic composite edging mean it’s easy to rotate, for even target wear

The Bandit comes complete with a BONUS measuring tape, new stabilising system and a darts handbook – for the ultimate steal!

Designed in New Zealand

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