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The Goose Neck or Swan Head enables players to reach a Cue Ball which is on the other side of a group of Balls; for instance the pack of reds in Snooker

They are easy to attach as they thread onto any old Cues, a manufactured Cue Rest Stick or you can make your own custom Cue Rest Stick to suit

These Rests are tricky to use effectively at the beginning as they have a bit of weight behind them but after a bit of practice they will help you reach those hard to get shots much easier

The Goose/Swan is usually only used on larger Tables, although even on smaller Snooker Tables, players occasionally would value one of these Heads

The Goose/Swan will give a greater height so is useful where the Cue Ball is a distance away

It is desirable to approach the Cue Ball at a steep angle

Made from solid Brass and are extremely heavy duty


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