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The Marbles for the game of Kelly Pool are available in red/white or black/white

The game is played as a rotation game with 2 or more players

A Bottle and Marble set are used for the game

The Marbles are numbered 1 to 15 with one extra 16 to replace any Marble that you may lose

The players may toss a coin or draw a Marble for their respective playing positions

To begin the game:

Player shakes the Bottle containing all the Marbles. Each player draws a Marble which will correspond to the numbered Ball they must sink

Players should keep their number a secret and give their Marbles up only after they are “killed or dead” or the game is won

To win:

The player who sinks their number Ball first is the winner. They must make sure not to give away what Ball is theirs, as if another player pockets their Ball, they are out of the game

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