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Classic outdoor Tennis game on a rotor spin pole, perfect for playing singles or doubles

Simply fill the base with water for stability

Set includes:

2 x Tennis Rackets

1 x Rotor spin pole – 1 x base, metal pole: 25.4mm diameter

Height = 180cm base, 42cm diameter – water filled = 12kgs

Hours of fun to be had

How Is It Played? 

Players stand on opposite sides of the pole, facing each other

Every player is assigned to a direction where the ball will travel counter clockwise or clockwise – around the pole

The players take turns in hitting the ball, which changes the direction of the travel in the process When hitting the ball, its direction can move up or down the spiral

If the ball reaches the spiral, the player who managed to get the ball at the end of the spiral wins

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Weight 8.00 kg