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Prospector is a 90% tungsten, back weighted dart, precision crafted to help you strike it lucky

With its tapered, missile shaped barrel, this dart will help you dig deep and give the game all you’ve got

Finished in lustrous gold titanium coating and contrasted in coal-black titanium, the Prospector features the reversed revolver grip at the push point, Shot’s most positive and comfortable grip yet. This grip profile allows you to relax your finger but still maintain complete control

A tapered, precision-milled ringed nose section is followed by a shallow, ringed scallop section featuring square cuts that work as a non-slip reference point.

The Prospector then graduates into the main designed push point of the dart. The reversed revolver grip is comprised of three rings with six radial millings which resemble a gun barrel

Two ring sections follow and act as both a reference point or another option for a push point if you throw directly from the back of the dart

A thin silver band connects the sturdy carbon shaft to the barrel and completes the dart

Available in 25gm

90% Tungsten

  • Darts
  • 3 x Wild Frontier Prospector standard flights
  • 3 x Tao Carbon intermediate shafts

Made in New Zealand by Shot

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 2 cm