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Dartboard design and improvement resonates deeply at Winmau and the Diamond Plus is another first from the World’s leading Dartboard manufacturer

This stunning Dartboard offers a wiring system that is leaner, more refined and geared to modern Darts performance at the advanced level

With dramatically improved playability and durability, the Diamond Plus features a completely new high tensile Dynamic Sector Wiring system for reduced bounceouts

The Diamond Plus is a tournament specification Dartboard with a CNC precision-manufactured staple-free bullseye and consistent construction high visibility super dense sisal base designed for maximum play

The Diamond Plus is exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organisation and complies to World Darts Federation specifications

Other unique features include an anti-glare number ring, game of Darts booklet and checkout table

Welcome to a new chapter in Diamond wire technology!

Made by Winmau

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Weight 6.00 kg
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 6 cm