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Aramith Training Snooker Ball available in 2 1/16″

This Snooker Champion Practice Ball is ideal for beginners and advanced players

The Aramith Snooker Training Ball teaches you the secret of the Pros!

This Snooker Ball set includes:

1 x genuine Belgian Aramith Training Ball with 2 different patterns to improve both potting skills and Cue Ball control

Side 1: A front pattern for potting practice: The Training Ball is used as an object-ball and helps you to learn and master the vital 5 basic-potting-angles and their equivalent shots: full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 Ball and thin cut

Side 2: Rear pattern (rotatable) for Cue Ball control practice: The Training Ball is used as a Cue Ball and helps to learn or improve all shots striking the Cue Ball on its vertical centre line and all side-spin shots

Two sided full size Training Ball complete with 24 page instruction booklet and plastic Cue Ball disc

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