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Get fully decked out with this bristle dartboard set. It has all you need to start playing

The Outlaw Warrior is crafted from dense, high-quality fibers that close neatly when your dart is removed

Enclosed in a good looking four-piece surround, to complete your games room/cave

The Outlaw Warrior is a full size 18″ x 1 1/2″ dartboard that complies with World Dart Federation specifications to ensure quality and to give you an edge against competitors

There are no staples, preventing bounce outs, which means better scores every time. The Outlaw Warrior features a removable number ring for easy board rotation, this extends the playing life of your board. The board is made from quality sisal, a high-density fiber that is compressed into a sturdy dartboard, extending its life and allowing it to self-heal

The 4 piece dartboard surround included is injection moulded from high-density foam. It divides into four pieces that fits together to form a protection ring that easily fits around a standard bristle dartboard. This means that NO fixings are required to protect walls from accidental damage

Surround size 725mm x 725mm x 25mm

The official tournament-distance throwline can be easily installed – measure, center, peel off the backing and stick

Also includes 2 sets of quality steel tip darts, mounting hardware and game manual – so you’re good to go and ready to throw

Made by Shot

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 52 × 12 cm