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If you only get one tool for maintaining the tip of your cue, the 3 in 1 tip tool is the one

This 3 in 1 tip tool includes a scuffer, tapper and a tip pick that pokes the tip so it can hold chalk better and helps to avoid miscues

  • Cue Tip Scuffer – Roughen up the surface of the tip so it will hold chalk. Most new tips come with a finish that needs to be scuffed before you can use the cue. After some time, the tip compresses to a smooth surface that also needs to be scuffed. You lightly scrape the surface of the tip using either a rotating or back and forth motion so the chalk will adhere to the tip
  • Cue Tip Tapper – The tip tapper is used to flatten the nap on your pool cue tip as well as forcing chalk into your leather pool cue tip. Tap the tip around it’s dome, the tappers rough surface will pit and roughen the tip without changing the shape or wearing it down
  • Cue Tip Pick – The tip prick feature is to slightly break up the surface of the tip when it is new, or it has been compressed. Unscrew the tool in half to reveal the aerating pins. Gently roll the tool over the tip piercing the tip with small pin holes so it will hold more chalk. Do not twirl, twist, or scrape the tip using the tip prick

Available in various colours

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